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The “Sino-German Network on Public Health and Bioethics” (SIGENET-Health) was formally launched in October 2010. Until January 2015, it received basic funding from the German Federal Ministry of Science and Technology. (Link) SIGENET Health is an international scientific platform to organize, facilitate and inform about ongoing research and education activities and their progress, between Chinese and German and other country’s collaborators.

SIGENET Health addresses interdisciplinary interfaces of human, social and natural sciences as they are related to health. We work together to assess cultural principles and social conditions for health: solidarity, justice and responsibility, within their governance context. Here, life scientists interact with social scientists and human scientists, reaching out towards a healthy relation between science and society.

The overall aspiration for health, in its diversity of approaches, provides strong common grounds and a rich empirical basis for fruitful science collaboration, with an impact on the quality of science, governance and society.

We provide opportunities – your contribution can contribute to building ways towards wholesome health!